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The joys of buying a house!

The joys of buying a house!

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I ended up buying a house and have been insanely busy for the past couple months.¬†Part of the “Fun” in buying a house is fixing things. Some of those things include stuff that just makes you shake your head and ask WHY!?

In the master bath there is a 2 gallon storage type water heater under the sink. Since the bathroom is a good distance from the water heater I figured this is a pretty good idea. Until I started looking at the way it was setup. On every storage water heater (not sure about on demand types) there is a relief valve which keeps the unit from building excessive pressure and exploding if the thermostat was to malfunction and overheat the water. Normally this valve is plumbed to dump the hot water outside or into a drain, I noticed this line just went through the bottom of the vanity and the floor into the crawl space so I figured I would go under the house and figure out where it ended up.

When I got under the house I noticed the HVAC flex vent for the bathroom was sagging pretty bad, I figured it was just sagging because they only used 1 piece of webbing to support it. I grabbed the duct, thats when I noticed it was full of water! The dumbasses who installed the water heater had just stuck the end of the drain tube into the vent under the vanity!!! I stuck my trusty benchmade into the duct and water poured out!





Luckily there was a peak in the duct that prevented the water from pooling further back into the system and destroying a sizeable length of 14″ trunk. But it would figure that it would happen in some 5″ ducting that no one seems to stock in my area. It took two weeks to get new duct shipped in from Home Depot.

I was able to resolve the drain issue by plumbing it into a piece of pipe that is intended for a dishwasher discharge. Its technically still not correct but better than it was. It looks like the next project will be replacing the scary plastic lines under the sinks with some nice stainless braid. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to move the heater into the crawl space, not sure if its insulated enough to be outside of the conditioned space.





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