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USB Cables, does premium equal better?

If you have been an electronics dork long enough you have been in an electronics store and heard a salesperson trying to sell a $100 HDMI cable, promising a huge advantage in picture and sound quality. I

Under Cabinet Lighting

Adding under cabinet lighting is an excellent functional upgrade for your kitchen. My configuration may not work for your particular situation but hopefully this post will give you ideas.   Running the wires takes a little planning,

The joys of buying a house!

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I ended up buying a house and have been insanely busy for the past couple months.┬áPart of the “Fun” in buying a house is fixing things. Some of those things

Wet Shaving

I am someone who hated shaving, I was a once a month shaver for quite a few years and at best a weekly shaver since high school.

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